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Petimoire [Peti-mwah] is a clothing brand developed with love for *petite ladies who are in search for fashion solution on challenges such as:

  • • Pants and Jeans that are always way too long
  • • Long sleeves are way beyond the length needed
  • • Dresses and skirt that are meant to be midi turn maxi
  • • Misaligned clothing parts - shoulder and neck lines, back curves, knee holder etc..
  • • Vanity sizing - Inaccurate sizing charts in the market
  • • High-cost fashion pieces
  • • Not being able to try new fashion trends

*petite is defined in fashion as a lady with the height of 5 ft. 4inches (163cm) and below. In reference to figure, it would be someone who has a smaller measurement than the clothing standard.


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